Free Good Food 101 Store Cupboard Suppers Book

As you probably know (if you're a regular visitor to my blog), I love a good deal and I don’t like to spend more than I have to. With this in mind, the lovely people at TopCashback have teamed up with Skint Dad to not only offer you a great deal but to offer you something completely free! Yes, … [Read More...]


Analyze This – A Post-it Note Project

A week or so ago I wrote about National Stationery Week and how they were encouraging people to start writing again. It’s a great initiative and, as I mentioned previously, although I write most days, it’s on the computer rather than on paper. While I was … [Read More...]

Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Cheep, Cheep! Hot Cross Bun Recipe on the Cheep

With Easter around the corner, it means time off school, the promise of spring around the corner, the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs. The children love Hot Cross Buns too; toasted with butter. Everywhere sells the buns at this time of year (and they … [Read More...]


Don’t Get Caught Out By Forgotten Direct Debits

How much money are you throwing away each and every month? Nothing I hear you say? Well I’d check again if I was you. In early 2013 MoneySupermarket conducted research into how much money was being wasted because of forgotten outgoing payments and the … [Read More...]